In our BRC AA accredited blending facility, we offer highly functional branded and bespoke blends of speciality, synergistic ingredients

Using our extensive knowledge of ingredients and their functionality allows FIT to create a range of branded and bespoke blends with synergistic effect between ingredients to optimise performance and functionality for your food applications.


Focussing on your applications, finished products & manufacturing processes, we can create bespoke powder blends specifically developed to provide a wide range of functionalities, texture & flavour.


Based on customer-specific applications, we can develop bespoke liquid blends for many food & beverage products providing better dispersion, solubilisation and texture into your food products, giving improved functionality and synergistic effects between ingredients.

Our branded blends

Hi-Cel product logo

A range of functional stabiliser systems for differing food applications based on Methyl Cellulose E461, HPMC E464, and Cellulose Gum E466.

Hi-Pro product logo

Highly functional protein-based blends for the meat, bakery, vegetarian and savoury sectors.

Hi-Star product logo

Starch-based blends with functional ingredients including cook up & pre-gelled, with native, modified & clean label versions available.

Hi-Fos product logo

Phosphate-based functional blends for the meat, fish & cheese industry with pH range 4.2 to 9.6.

No-Fos product logo

Phosphate replacers for meat products - clean label declaration ‘Natural Flavour’.

Hi-Cure product logo

A range of curing products for the meat industry, including complete cures, colour stabilisers, and yield improvers.

Hi-rise product logo

Aerating systems and baking powder blends that control CO2 release, tailor-made to suit a customer’s production process.

Hi-Do product logo

A set of pastry conditioners and dough relaxers that control gluten elasticity and allow scrap pastry to be re-worked without affecting quality.

Hi-Fib product logo

A range of fibre-based blends offering high fibre content & high functionality, including fibre from carrot, potato, oat, pea, wheat, soya, bamboo, apple, citrus.

hi-veg product logo

A range of vegan blends offering functionality, texture, flavour and nutritional benefits that aid performance and consistency in finished products.

hi-veg product logo

Functional blends for controlling water migration and water activity (Aw) in food products.

hi-veg product logo

Range of emulsifying blends for fat and water binding & oil in water emulsions.

Our branded blends