Savoury Flavours – Liquid & Powder

Beef Flavours– Roasted, Boiled, Glace, Bouillon, Grilled, Brothy, Fatty

Chicken Flavours – Roasted, Boiled, Savoury, Boiled, Glace, Brothy, Fatty, Cooked

Pork Flavours – Roasted, Glace, Boiled, Fatty, Bacon, Sausage, Ham, Smoked Ham,

Vegetable Flavours – Tomato, Garlic, Parsley, Mushroom, Fresh Onion, Cooked Vegetable

Dairy Flavours – Butter, Cream, Cheese

Unique Flavours – Body Giver (Yeasty, Umami), Umami Enhancer Flavour, Salt Print (Umami, Salt Enhancer), MSG Replacer, Tastegem (Sugar Reduction Flavour)


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